Made Smarter를 통한 제조의 디지털 혁신 가속화 이노베이션 네트워크

The Made Smartar Innovation Challenge is a collaborative technology ecosystem networked with
makers, academic institutions and research facilities that are accelerating the development of creative
solutions. This ecosystem puts people at its center; We welcome all innovators and disruptors
Origins and culture to collaborate on developing innovative and marketable solutions
The future we all want.
To support the expansion of the UK economy, we work towards the following goals: Future Solutions
Net Zero Society; the changing future of manufacturing; and enhanced resilience and

Following the recommendations of the Made Smartar review, the Division of Business (BEIS)
funded the program. The intervention group was developed to be led by Innovate UK on
the development and integration of industrial digital technologies (IDT) including artificial intelligence
, machine learning and data analytics, additive manufacturing, robotics and automation,
virtual and augmented reality, and industrial intelligence. Internet of Things (IIoT) and connectivity (5G,
LPWAN). This makes the manufacturing sector more adaptable, resilient, productive and

There are several communities and networks operating in the UK in various IDT sectors, but they
may not always respond to manufacturers’ requests.
What KTN is offering , a smarter innovation network, aims to bring these communities under one roof:
already thriving digital technology providers, developers, users, and
manufacturers with access to R&D investments.
We also want to expose collaboration opportunities across all manufacturing sectors in the UK and
around the world. We aim to show these communities that manufacturing is a fantastic environment for coming up
with new concepts and new innovations.

Working in manufacturing is hard but exciting. I majored in mechanical
engineering because I love improving, streamlining and increasing my productivity. I am familiar with
the difficulties many manufacturers face because I have worked in factories around the world for 15 years,
UK and Europe for major multinationals and 4 years for small and medium-sized manufacturers. No “plug”
Play & Gaming solutions, but creativity with digital tools is undoubtedly the answer.
Manufacturers and technology vendors are not currently collaborating or coordinating efforts. as.
To enable better integration, we must promote an open dialogue between technology providers and
There is no single open standard for communication (so solutions become a bigger challenge as

Integrating IT and OT requires people, collaboration, and expertise
. Individuals can be challenging.

We encourage people to create by sharing our experiences and showing how technology is advancing.
Companies and research institutes have thrived in this fascinating field. A good example is
how clean technology integrator Ameresco and global packaging manufacturer IPL Global are collaborating
to develop an emissions tracking tool that accelerates the company’s transition to a low-carbon future.

Of the 300 startups and scale-ups with less than 10 employees and 5 years of experience, they have
been fully funded and supported by Innovate UK and Innovate UK KTN over the past 4
years. The aim of this grant is to investigate ideas and breakthroughs in the fields of artificial intelligence,
machine learning, additive manufacturing, robotics, XR and IIoT that will impact the manufacturing
industry both in the UK and internationally.

It’s a great opportunity for everyone. Businesses that have been up their alley have used it to test their
ideas, create new alliances, and develop relationships with new customers. Companies on the alley also
have the opportunity to participate in low-level investor readiness programs and
make a presentation to a small group of investors specifically looking to invest in this industry.