The diving team reports that 16-year-old Chielli Rodney was found dead in an overturned SUV just two weeks after she went missing at a high school graduation celebration at a campground in northern California. Oregon investigators made the announcement in an afternoon Facebook post.

The group reported that the car overturned in water 14 feet high. We have confirmed that Kie Li has informed her family. The police are on the move. One of about 18 organizations looking for Rodney, the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office, is aware of the update and has announced that it is sending an agent to meet her purposeful adventures. The agency said on Facebook, “We will let you know when additional information becomes available.”
According to data released by the Placer County Sheriff’s Office, authorities spent a total of 19,951 hours on ‘astronomical’ exploration of thousands of acres and at least two states. Rodney’s fears that she would never recover grew stronger when local officials said they would cut down on her search efforts to focus on her investigation.

The 16-year-old disappeared without a trace shortly after her midnight at her high school graduation celebrations held at her family campground as her pro in Truck Quay. According to authorities, more than 200 young people and adolescents used alcohol and drugs there. “The senior goodbye party, with visitors from outside the truck, was better than ever,” said Magdalene Larson, who said Rodney’s close friend.
Larson, who was with Rodney, reported that many people approached us. The number of people present and how old some of them were during the party gave a clear impression that something, something, didn’t feel right. According to her family, Rodney, who is only 16, recently graduated from Truckee Charter High School in June. Her mother, Lindsay Rodney Neiman, held back tears as she begged someone to release information in a video aired by police early in the search.

Keely Rodney Neiman said, “We love you, and if you see this, just come home.” I just want to give you a big hug Police found Rodney in a party video about a week after the hunt. She was wearing a pink hoodie with the words “Odd Future” on her front. Police circulated images of her hoodie in the hopes that someone could find it on her rodney or dump it into the vast forest surrounding her camp where she disappeared.

More than 200 party attendees were solicited by authorities to provide information about Rodney. Police have promised that they will not be penalized for drinking or drug use “known to have occurred” because most of the attendees were minors, according to a police spokesperson. Placer County Sheriff’s Office Representative Angela Musalam said at a press conference on Aug. 15, “Our sole goal in this investigation and search is to return Kielli to her family, and we need community support.” said

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