Osaka Naomi missed the first round of the Canadian Open on the 22nd with a back injury, complicating her preparations for the US Open.

The four-time winner of her Grand Slam, he was treated on her court during a 7-6 (4) 3-0 lead to Estonia’s Kai’a Kanepi, but eventually retired and sobbed as she left.

According to the WTA, Osaka said after the game that “she felt her back from the start of the game, and she did her best, but she couldn’t do it today”, she said.

“I want to congratulate Kaia on her performance and wish her good luck for the rest of the competition,” she said.

Osaka’s season has been disrupted by her injury. She withdrew from the Melbourne Summer Set 1 semifinals last January due to an abdominal injury, and missed the Italian Open and Wimbledon due to an Achilles tendon injury.

“Today is not a good day,” the global number one later tweeted.

Osaka, who reached the Round of 16 before losing to Koko Gauf after returning from the Mubadala Silicon Valley Classic, made her second appearance since the French Open in May.

As Naomi Osaka said:

Following the match last week, Osaka told the WTA “I realized while playing the game that I had been allowing people to call me mentally weak for too long.”

“It was then that I realized I had a bad habit. I lost today, but I’m very confident of who I am. I don’t think stress is affecting me. I’m worried.

With Ganepi’s victory over Osaka, their recent winning streak has increased to five consecutive matches. She also reached her 10th individual singles final at her last week ‘s City Open and finished 31st in the world, her highest ranking her since 2014.

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